There is no more important role than a Trustee in a Charity. So far we have established three Trustees – Allan (Chair) and Michelle Wilson, and Richard Watkins (Vice-Chair). We started the charity in July 2021 and have now started to prove that there is a need for education to support action on the part of the people in Shropshire to make a difference in fighting the Climate Emergency.

We would now like to get support from a few more Trustees and have identified three key roles where we would benefit from external specialist expertise and help.

On this page we provide access to the Role Descriptions for three roles:

  • Finance Trustee
  • Business Development Trustee
  • Operations Trustee

Finance Trustee

We need experienced help to support the Financial Management of the charity from the point of view of internal processes like budgets and financial management, through to managing external reporting requirements to the Charity Commission. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Business Development Trustee

We need help from someone who can support business development, which covers everything from Marketing through the website and social media to getting more members and finding new sources of funding.

Chief Operations Trustee

We are establishing an operation in which we will recruit trainers to deliver training to Parish/Town councils and householders in both virtual and physical settings. This requires operational activities to recruit trainers, and deliver training (including booking, establishing and delivering the training to the right audiences). We are looking for someone who has experience of delivering training in this way to help develop the right operational infrastructure.

Please send your expression of interest to the chair – Allan Wilson. Click here