Whether we are householders, working in business, farmers, or working in schools and hospitals we should all create a plan to become net-zero by 2030 in Shropshire.

We provide here useful facts and descriptions of the key actions which we can take to contribute to tackling the climate emergency. These are split around:

  • “Footprint” which describes what a Carbon Footprint is, and gives you links to the various tools available
  • Buildings, which covers what you can do about insulation and so on
  • Energy, which covers what you can do about reducing your need for energy
  • Transport, which describes what you can do to change to electric vehicles
  • Food, which describes how you can change your diet to reduce the impact on Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Countryside, which describes how we can manage our local environment to protect flowers, wildlife, and trees

We should also learn about the detail of the actions we can take by engaging in “Carbon Literacy” training, which can be attended online. We give some background on the Carbon Literacy project, and where you can get further details. WE also have now developed two core workshops designed for householders and parish councillors.

Just in case you needed reminding that we require action now, then do listen to Great Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg is an international activist working to get nations and companies and individuals engaged in taking action, not just talking words. She wants us to listen to the science.