David Attenborough on future generations

We are engaged in combatting climate change, so that future generations will live on a planet that is still pleasant to live on and which has an environment that protects the long-term survival of humans, animals and all plant life. Human beings will have learnt how to control their habits of creating disaster on the planet, by getting rid of their addiction to fossil fuels. Earth will not be just another hot rock like Mars circling the sun.

Generation Z

Technically Gen Z refers to the generation that was born between 1997-2012, following millennials. This generation has been raised on the internet and social media, with some of the oldest finishing college by 2020 and entering the workforce. If we succeed, then they will be living and working in a zero carbon future.

Generation A

The generation that follows Gen Z is Gen A (or Generation Alpha), which includes anyone born after 2010. They haven’t just grown up with technology—they’ve been completely immersed in it since birth. Early in their formative years, these children are comfortable speaking to voice assistants and swiping on smartphones. They don’t consider technologies to be tools used to help achieve tasks, but rather as deeply integrated parts of everyday life. The last of this generation will be born in 2025 – just five years before we need to be carbon neutral. Will we have succeeded or will we have let down those children of the future?

Will Future Gens have a future?

We need to ensure that they have a future, and will be able to live on a planet that still supports their technology. The same is true for all future generations – which is why we talk of Future Gens, not a specific group, and why they should get involved in the fight against the climate emergency.

Here is a video which explores some of their views, which are great to see and hear.

Young generation views on the climate emergency

Food Waste

Food waste is not only a sad waste of what we have produced but is also a massive source of carbon emissions through the supply chain from earth to land-fill. Read the following letter from Generation Zero Carbon Shropshire asking for councils to take action to reduce food waste.

Membership of SOS CIO

All generations should have a voice, and we welcome membership from Future Gens. Our education is designed to be peer to peer learning. Future Gens can educate and train their generation and future generations, using our material. Let us make sure that all generations have a life worth living. If you want to join, then please click on the following button: