Our mission is to promote and develop for the public benefit the protection and improvement of the Shropshire environment. We will facilitate education on how to improve the lives of householders, businesses, farms, and schools. They will learn how to protect, improve and sustain a carbon controlled environment. We will develop research and support funding of projects in line with our aims and objectives. We will collaborate with all stakeholders who are part of the movement towards carbon zero and beyond.

Every home will be insulated and powered to eliminate carbon emissions. There will be enough solar farms, wind power and centrally delivered energy to power our grid, and we will be using green energy everywhere. The countryside will be planted with carbon-storing trees, and we will actively encourage biodiversity. Cars owned by people in Shropshire will be electric, and there will be enough electric charging points to support them. We will reduce household waste by eliminating single-use packaging. People will travel less by car because public transport is designed to support peoples’ travel needs. We will improve Shropshire’s wetlands and peatlands. Our towns will be designed to be carbon neutral or negative.

Take a look at Copenhagen in Denmark for some inspiration:

We will focus on helping Parish councils to lead a movement for getting people to engage in real behaviour change, through Climate Emergency Champions.

Our overriding mission is to stop the long-talking and start the action.