Which? magazine Eco Buys

Which? magazine has launched a new recommendation label to their reviews. In November 2020 they applied it to washing machines and dishwashers. They have now added these to fridges, fridge-freezers, built-in ovens, and tumble dryers. Only the most energy-efficient products from brands that are proven to last make the grade as an Eco Buy. Choosing an Eco Buy fridge-freezer could… Read More

We are not acting fast enough

The independent Climate Change Committee has just produced a report which says that the risks to people are increasing, but our actions are not happening fast enough. In this report, more than 60 risks and opportunities have been identified, fundamental to every aspect of life in the UK covering our natural environment, our health, our homes, the infrastructure on which… Read More

WWF’s Emissions Possible guide

The Carbon Literacy Project reports that since 2013, all UK quoted companies have been required to report on their annual greenhouse gas emissions.  In April 2019, this was extended to large registered companies.  Whilst small businesses currently remain exempt, they are encouraged to report on their greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible. Although government guidance and support on emissions reporting exists,… Read More

Save our Shropshire – SOS

Save our Shropshire is a new organisation dedicated to improving the climate for the people of Shropshire. There are around 500,000 people, 20,000 businesses and 4,000 farms in Shropshire. All must take action as part of a global movement to reduce carbon dioxide and harmful gases in the environment. There are around 650,000 acres of farmland in a total area… Read More