We have listed companies in Shropshire that actively support the fight against the climate emergency through what they sell and do. We provide contact details.


Mossy. Life is your go-to place for all things local and sustainable within Shropshire. From Telford & Wrekin, Shropshire Hills in the south, Oswestry in the North and everywhere in between. It is a green shopping directory.

Everyday decisions you make can have a massive impact on this planet. So make your next decision easy, support a sustainable local Shropshire business when you next eat out, go shopping, or even book a staycation. You can help this beautiful county thrive and minimise your impact on planet Earth.


Moo and Boom

 MOO and BOOM stock products sourced with sustainability being a key factor. We upcycle furniture and buy antiques; we use old fabrics to make cushions, bags and aprons. We stock supplements, and alternative therapies and our Workshop and Studio lend themselves to Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual healing, and so much more.


By partnering with market-leading manufacturers and adding their expertise in system design and application, AIR2HEAT install and commission Air Source Heat Pump systems to operate efficiently and economically, helping their clients lower the Carbon Footprint of their Home.

Air Source Heat Pump


Farr and Harris Ltd are a family-run plumbing and heating materials supplier trading for over 65 years in Shropshire and the surrounding areas. We have recently opened our new Sustainable Home Centre within our Shrewsbury branch to help both installers and end users make the right choices in air source heat pump technology with a view to carbon reduction and a sustainable future. We can size, design, advise and supply bespoke low-temperature and high-temperature heat pumps, along with complementary solutions like underfloor heating, solar thermal and PV integration. We are constantly investing time and money to ensure we offer the best services locally and aim to provide training in the very near future to ensure end users are in the safest hands.

The Mayoress, the Farr and Harris team, and Daikin at the recent showroom opening


Plastic Free Refills

The Little Green Pantry is Telford’s first zero-waste plastic-free stall selling dried fruit, nuts and seeds, pasta, rice and cereals as refills. We also have a range of household cleaning products available as refills and some eco-friendly personal care products. 
Each purchase from us stops another plastic container from entering landfill or the ocean. We are tackling the issue of plastic pollution one bottle at a time.


Enjoying the summer at pasture
100% single origin pasteurised and non-homogenised fresh milk and cream

We grow 100% of the forage and cereals we feed our cattle, reducing food miles and offering unmatched traceability

The farm runs off 100% renewable electricity produced on the farm, reducing our carbon footprint.

Straight from the farm to businesses regionally – Shropshire, Worcestershire and Birmingham

Our cows are milked on a state-of-the-art Fullwood Packo automated milking system manufactured in the UK, allowing them to choose how often they are milked 24/7.

As members of environmental schemes, including the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, we play our part in looking after the countryside.


Ev Image 6-page-001_edited.jpg
NextGen EV Charging

Organisations can make money from installing Electric Vehicle charging points. That could be good for Shops, Pubs, Schools, Car Parks, perhaps councils – anyone with some space where they can install the equipment. NextGen provides advice on installing the right equipment, the costs and the benefits and then helping install it.

NextGenEVPower focuses on helping you find a solution tailored to your immediate and future needs.
Experienced and trained, they have many years of experience in electric vehicle charging and
infrastructures, allowing them to give objective and impartial advice on what is best for
your business.

Their providers are approved and regulated by The Office of Zero Emission Vehicles which
enables them to provide up to £16,000 grant funding for businesses.


Cycling is an excellent way of getting rid of those journeys you might otherwise do by car and improving your health. A fantastic example of what is good for you is also good for the planet.

Dave Mellor Cycles is a Shrewsbury family business started in 1985 by Dave Mellor and Great Britain International Cycling star Melanie Grivell.

Dave was a top-class mechanic for Great Britain and Pro Cycling Teams and became Great Britain Team Manager at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. He was a Director of British Cycling and was part of the change that took Great Britain to the top of the World cycling stage under Peter Keen and Sir Dave Brailsford. Dave was Great Britain Team Manager at Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games and World Championships for Able-Bodied and Paralympic athletes until the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.

All the staff at Dave Mellor Cycles ride bikes, whether taking part in the SkyRideSocial, racing on road, track or mountain bike, touring on the road or exploring Shropshire and beyond, off-road with or without children in tow. So whether you want that very first balance bike or advice on training for an Olympic Games, you can be very sure that you will find it very hard to find anywhere that has as much combined knowledge delivered amicably as Dave Mellor Cycles. Where service is paramount and nothing is too much trouble.

They are proud to be recognised for their work in Shropshire at the recent Mayors’ Awards for their contribution to the efforts to combat the Climate Emergency

Dave Mellor receiving Mayors Award in the Climate Emergency category


Green Options is a brilliant shop in the Darwin Centre Shrewsbury. You can buy nuts, porridge, washing up liquid and avoid packaging by refilling what you want either into your own containers, or some that they provide in the shop. You can definitely buy well for the planet here. Items in their range include:

  • Pulses/nuts/cereals/seeds/dried fruits/legumes/grains/baking products/oils/herbs and spices/gluten-free options/ teas and coffees/ beans and more
  • cleaning liquids from simple bicarb and kinds of vinegar to SESI refills and shampoos/conditioners
  • household items – brushes/scrapers/wipes/bags/containers, bottles/flasks/cups
  • sanitary items – cups, pads and pants/re-usable wipes/shaving kits/soaps/ essential oils/ deodorants
  • Teeth- toothpastes/brushes/powders/floss/tabs

They have a great range of products, as shown in the following picture. Click on the button below to go to their website


Carbon Farmers let you cook and eat in a carbon-negative way!

Almost everyone enjoys a barbecue with their friends and family, but may not be aware of their environmental impact. Using charcoal in a traditional barbecue releases large amounts of toxic smoke and carbon dioxide; the same harmful greenhouse gas which is warming our world. It’s not just what comes out of your BBQ that’s the problem, it’s how charcoal is made and where it comes from.

Instead of releasing carbon dioxide, we need to capture it in as many ways as possible. That’s where Carbon Farming comes in. Our compact garden stove, or Tawi,  is an innovative way of doing just that. ‘Tawi’ is a Swahili word meaning sticks or twigs. The Tawi Stove, developed in partnership with ESSE, allows you to enjoy a barbecue while actually having a positive impact on the environment. It does this by turning the carbon contained within the sticks you are burning into solid carbon (biochar), instead of harmful carbon dioxide. The process it uses is virtually smoke-free, which is much better for the environment and your health. 

If you would like to help fight climate change and would welcome a more environmentally friendly way of cooking outdoors, then you will find Carbon Farming with a Tawi stove both fun and rewarding. 

The Tawi stove in 2022


The Big Solar Co-op is a UK-wide solar co-op run by many community groups working together dedicated to helping organisations to install Solar Panels, supported by funding provided through the Big Solar Co-op. So, a member might be part of their local site-finding group and a national group specialising in one aspect of project delivery – for example, PV research or co-op governance. 

A large-scale approach brings many benefits. With increased purchasing power and a standard approach, community solar can be viable under more challenging commercial conditions without subsidies. It gives us the extra impetus we need to get over a higher bar. Volunteers can also use their time more productively doing what suits their skill sets and experience – whether that is scrutinising accounts, booking meeting venues, or updating a website.

They are supported by Sharenergy which helps groups to plan their Solar project, map out realistic timescales, and find their way through the maze of regulations. In particular they:

  • Help community energy projects which need to negotiate with land and building owners from private landowners to Local Authorities. They support groups from initial contact to the signing of Options and Leases and have our own proven legal models for solar PV, wind, hydro and heat projects.
  • Work with community energy projects to manage their energy generation. On a strategic level, this often includes helping them find and sign up for power purchase agreements, insurance or maintenance contracts. For some projects they provide an asset management package covering monitoring, liaising with service contractors and reporting to the Board and members.
  • Help projects raise money through community share offers. They can help to write, design, market and administrate share offers. They have been heavily involved in community share offers which have raised more than £20 million in total, with over 6,500 members.
  • Offer a comprehensive and well-priced admin service during the share offer period and to established Societies covering member support, book-keeping and returns, AGM papers, accountancy and more.
Kerry Ingredients Solar installation


Octopus Energy Generation launched Plots for Kilowatts, a scheme calling on landowners to register interest in hosting an onshore wind turbine on their land. More than 15,000 people have registered their interest in having an Octopus Fan Club turbine in their local community and the plan is to match that interest to where there is land to build one. By being part of this, landowners have the opportunity to secure additional revenue streams through rent or a share of the project’s income, whilst giving back to their local community through discounted bills.

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Picture of A Good Thing's banner about matchmaking businesses and charities.
List items you want to go to charity

A Good Thing CIC, matchmake schools and businesses who care with amazing local charities. We make it easy for schools and businesses to donate unwanted items to local charities via our free-to-use app. Together Let’s send less to landfill and more to a good cause.

The idea is simple. A school has something to spare… Anything from a used laptop, furniture, a theatre set that’s no longer needed or equipment that is no longer used. A local charity has a need… They have the ideas and dedication but need the resources to make it happen. We make the match! All are using our simple web app, it takes minutes to sign up and list a local offer. Click on the button below.