Useful Documents to publish

This page shares various documents that some areas have prepared, and which could be valuable material that can be used in informing the public on areas like the use of energy and so on.

Climate Emergency Booklet

Holme Valley has produced an excellent summary 12-page booklet which sets out their action plan into eight key activity areas as follows:

  • Mobilisation
  • Energy Actions
  • Transport Actions
  • Agriculture and Food Production
  • Housing and Infrastructure
  • Economy and business
  • Waste and Resources
  • Environment

Energy Saving Booklet

Holme Valley has produced a 17-page booklet that details all the actions you can take to save energy. It covers keeping your home warm – at 19 deg C, avoiding waste, saving electricity, low carbon solutions to energy (solar panels, solar thermal, wind turbines, heat pumps, biogas systems, and Passivhaus.)

Action Summary Poster

Holme Valley has produced a single-page poster which summarises all the activities carried out in a quarter which covers their key areas of Energy, Transport, Waste and Resources, Environment and Land Use and so on. It can be printed out in A3 or A4 format for publicity around a parish or just as a document to circulate.