Useful Websites to review

This page points readers to other websites which have been developed by councils, organisations and individuals which will provide both a useful source of information, as well as inspiration for those wanting to develop something similar for their own organisation.

Cumbria Action for Sustainability

The county of Cumbria got a £ 4.5 million grant from the lottery fund to help with the organisation of the response to the Climate Emergency a few years ago. They are now a registered charity with a lot of activities going on. Their website is a mine of useful information and ideas.

Picture of website for Cumbria action for sustainability

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Holme Valley

Holme Valley Parish Council declared a climate emergency on 25th March 2019 and Full Council subsequently established a new Standing Committee to work towards the Holme Valley becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

This Climate Emergency Committee consists of both parish councillors and members of the community and it has been working hard to help the Valley reach its target.

They have an officer – Michelle Brown – who has used he marketing experience two days a week to develop a huge variety of communications and ideas to support their activities.

A screen pictue of the Holme Valley website

Sustainable Frome

Sustainable Frome is a group of people living in and around this Somerset town who want to build a greener future and one in which Frome is better placed to meet the challenges of climate change.

Picture of website from sustainable Frome

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Community Car Sharing

CoMoUK is the national organisation for shared transport, a charity for promoting its social, economic and environmental benefits.

Shared transport means schemes such as car clubs and bike sharing where people can use a mode of transport without having to own it.

They work collaboratively with national, regional, transport and local authorities as well as the private sector to further these public benefits.

Picture of Website for CoMoUK - Car and bike sharing organisation

Centre for Alternative Technology

CAT’s mission is to inspire, inform and enable humanity to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research clearly demonstrates that we already have all the technologies we need to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 – or even earlier.

For five decades CAT has inspired, informed and enabled people to achieve practical solutions for sustainability.

Founded in 1973 on a disused slate quarry in Mid Wales, CAT has evolved from a community to a visitor centre to an educational charity specialising in sharing practical solutions for sustainability.

Picture of Centre for Alternative Technology Website

Ethical consumer

The Ethical Consumer website provides a wealth of information on how to shop ethically – across all areas including food, energy, banking etc. It carries a number of articles about subjects of interest like Vegan Plant milk, Ethical bookshops, and Solar Panels.

Picture of Ethical Consumer website