The Carbon Literacy Project reports that since 2013, all UK quoted companies have been required to report on their annual greenhouse gas emissions.  In April 2019, this was extended to large registered companies.  Whilst small businesses currently remain exempt, they are encouraged to report on their greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible.

Although government guidance and support on emissions reporting exists, it can still prove a little daunting for some.  And with the Government’s recent commitment to net zero targets, it is likely that emissions reporting will become mandatory for more and more organisations in the near future.

Following on from their success with a personal carbon footprint calculator (which allows users to calculate estimates of their yearly personal carbon footprints) the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have produced a simple guide to support companies through emissions reporting.

The Emissions Possible guide, which was released in April 2021, helps to break down the legal requirements and reasons for businesses to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions, along with tips on reporting; methodologies to follow; tools to use and platforms to disclose results.

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