This paper critiques the UK’s Net Zero Strategy and proposes a bill for parliament that will take into account the gaps in the current strategy. The Government’s strategy was found by the High Court to be illegal in July, a finding to which the government agreed in September. This paper comments in particular that:

  1. We have a target to be part of a movement to keep global warming to less than 1.5 deg C. This is now inadequate as we are not on track, we ignore the UK’s impact from importing 50% of our goods and services, and we assume everyone else will go as fast as us.
  2. We need to move to a 100% renewable energy infrastructure. This saves money (renewables are 9 times cheaper than gas power), and we need to retrofit insulation and move away from oil/gas transport. Current incentives to do so are wholly inadequate. We are also subsidising the development of oil and gas to the extent of £ 10bn per annum.
  3. The Net Zero Strategy does not deal with the need to change towards a more plant-based diet through modern farming methods, that support net zero objectives. Food is absent from the strategy
  4. There is over-reliance on the ability of new carbon-capture technology to be part of the solution. Read it here:

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