The current strategy for achieving climate change in the UK is flawed, and we are not making the progress that we desperately need. Tackling the problem sector by sector is too complicated. Thus trying to tackle the energy sector, the transport sector, agriculture and so on is hard. Only 17 % of the population is fully engaged in wanting to tackle climate change and only 59 % of them think that climate change is among their top 3 issues! We need consumers to drive the agenda on climate change and create a demand-led reaction across the supply chains.

Picture of the food supply chain and where CO2 is emitted.
Food supply chain and carbon dioxide emissions : ©

For instance, we need to eat a more plant-based diet to reduce our carbon footprint. Instead of trying to change farmers and the food production industry piecemeal, if consumers all changed to a plant-based diet, then farmers would respond. The core of this approach is to educate people. In a democracy, this approach will encourage governments to respond, rather than assuming governments will respond, as we do currently.

The following article explains.

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