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Save Our Shropshire is delighted to announce that Telford and Wrekin have awarded us a grant of £ 10,000 to deliver education across the borough during 2023.

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We will be using this grant to provide practical workshops across Telford and Wrekin, helping consumers to understand how they can both tackle the climate crisis, and save themselves money in the process. We feel that many people in the cost of living crisis are being very careful, and view “going green” as something that is either too expensive, or something they must leave until later.

In a recent article by the LSE, they observed that 74 % of people in UK were pretty certain that Climate Change was happening, but only 17 % put it amongst the top 3 issues when compared, with health care, education, crime, immigration etc. Behaviour Change is a critical problem, and unless people feel they need to change, they won’t. It does not matter how many gurus appear on TV to tell them the world is about to end.

We want people to engage because they can see how this will help them. Renewabale energy is around 10-20 % of the cost compared to heating and lighting from the oil and gas industry. That is a saving of up to £ 2,000 per year based on the current average cost of fuel for the average family. We may need to change the energy market to get there, but without the votes from consumers, we are not going to see the required changes.

Changing diets to become more plant-based can save a typical household £ 1,000 per year. You don’t have to become vegetarian to save the planet, but you could make it worthwhile even to be a flexitarian!

So thank you to Telford and Wrekin council for their generous award, and we look forward to helping people be clear that saving the planet can also be about saving our pockets. Click on the button to find out more about the programme.

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