We all love ice creams as children or adults. They make great “snacks” and are core to many recipes for puddings. Of course, for years they have been based on dairy milk, which is bad for the planet. An 80 g ice lolly generates around 70 g of CO2e. A 99 Flake from an ice cream van generates half a kilo.! (Source: Mike Berners Lee – “How bad are Bananas”.)

Plant-based Ice Cream

A small family ice cream manufacturer from Hampshire has now developed a range of plant-based ice creams, which means you can enjoy the pleasures of ice cream without harming the planet. They have also worked with Mike Berners-Lee to work out how they can operate as a company to improve the planet and have produced a brilliant report, which should be a model for all other companies.

Here is the leaflet on plant-based ice creams:

Here is the report on their approach to being a company that acts responsibly towards its community

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