SOS CIO are delighted to collaborate on providing courses for Parish and Town Council clerks.

Founded in 1972, the SLCC has gone from strength to strength, starting with just 50 members and now representing clerks to over 5,000 councils in England and Wales.

As the professional body for local council clerks and senior council employees, they ensure that their members are equipped with the necessary knowledge, training and skills to thrive within their role and best support their council and community.

Many councils understand the benefit of having a clerk who is trained, fully briefed on current issues within the sector and able to access accurate advice quickly. As such, 90% of their members’ councils pay for their clerks’ annual subscription, as encouraged by the Local Government Act 1972 s 143 (1) (b), ‘a local Authority may pay reasonable subscriptions, whether annually or otherwise, to the funds of any association of officers or members of local authorities which was so formed.’

Whether you seek expert advice, to develop your professional career or simply build relationships with your fellow clerks, SLCC can offer its members the support and recognition they deserve.

SOS CIO are delighted to collaborate with SLCC to provide a course, certified by the Carbon Literacy Project, specifically developed for Parish and Town Councils, which will identify the actions that Parish Councils with the help of clerks should take to combat the climate emergency.

Details can be found, and bookings can be made if you click the following button:

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