The “Shropshire Star” reports that Shropshire Council is now planning to build its first ever solar farm to power local businesses with clean energy. The scheme would see a major solar farm built on a former landfill site in Oswestry. 

The scheme, which would generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 500 homes, would first require planning approval and, if this is achieved, could be generating green electricity by summer 2022. It would also form an important step forward in the council’s goal to help tackle climate change, and for the council to be net carbon neutral by 2030.  

A planning application for the solar farm is now due later this year.  If approved, the farm will be built in two stages and initially generate 1MW of clean energy at the site. The power generated would then go straight to businesses very close to the site, helping them to reduce both their carbon emissions and running costs. 

A banner at the solar array site in Oswestry
Banner at the solar array site in Oswestry – from Shropshire Star

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