Telford Energy Advice and Save Our Shropshire are running a FREE workshop on 1st March 2024 to help people save money by reducing their energy usage. Lots of simple tips and tricks will be provided.

The time is 11 am to 2 pm, and lunch is included.

Please book at

Thermovision view of house showing where heat is wasted.
Infrared thermovision image showing lack of thermal insulation on House

We know that it is going to be colder this winter, and energy prices are already 5 % higher from 1st January, and they will stay high through the winter. Events in the Middle East may cause them to go higher. So come along to this event to get simple tips and tricks to reduce your energy usage which will be good for your budget, and good for the planet.

We will cover simple short-term activities like spending less time in the shower, and how to switch to renewable suppliers and start to get renewable forms of electricity through solar panels and heat pumps. Expect to get the facts and not political opinions.

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