We are offering a one-day Carbon Literacy course for Householders for free, to support the Carbon Literacy Project’s Action day on November 7th.

On 7th November 2022, to coincide with day 1 of the UN COP27 climate negotiations conference, the Carbon Literacy Project is holding the biggest ever climate action training event.

So we thought it would be a great idea to get as many householders involved in a one-day training event, which could lead you to get a carbon literacy certificate from the Carbon Literacy Project. This will mean that you have learnt enough to change your lifestyle, and also persuade other people to engage with taking practical action for climate change. We see that many people are interested in and aware of the issues of climate change. They see and hear lots on TV, on Social Media, and in other communication. However, not enough people yet are doing enough to achieve our targets to reduce our carbon footprint to net zero. Come along and find out what you, your family and your friends need to do.

When you come along you will find out what climate change means, its impact on your and other communities’ lives (now and in the future), the international picture, and what you can do about it.

Climate Change may seem far away, and not relevant to the current crisis. But you will find out tips and tricks that could save you and your family thousands of pounds to help you with the cost of living crisis- and prevent an even bigger crisis later on.

If you want to get the Carbon Literacy certificate then you will need to pay £ 10.00 for the admin for that.

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